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Churches Together in Southern Ryedale

 The amended constitution of CTSR adopted 18 June 2012


 Churches Together in Southern Ryedale (CTSR) exists to promote co-operation in the area of Southern Ryedale based on Malton/Norton and the surrounding Villages, between the Christian churches which have signed the Covenant, by seeking common ground through joint worship, prayer, meetings and service leading towards a joint ministry to the peoples of Southern Ryedale.

 To further these Objects there shall be a CTSR Co-ordinating Committee, which shall seek to ascertain and implement the joint views of the participating churches and to provide the basic level of inter-communication regarding all joint church events and activities and the planning thereof and there shall be Work Groups tasked to implement different aspects of shared ministry.

Co-ordinating Committee

The Co-ordinating Committee shall comprise three officers - a Chairman, Secretary, and a Treasurer - who shall be elected at the AGM and normally serve for three years.  In addition there shall be entitled to serve on the Co-ordinating Committee one representative from each active Work Group and one representative from each of the churches/denominations which are signatories to the Covenant.  The Co-ordinating Committee shall have power of co-option should vacancies arise among the officers between AGMs.  The Co-ordinating Committee will meet not less than twice a year.   Voting will be by simple majority of those present.  Four members attending meetings will constitute a quorum. No member shall receive any financial benefit in money or in kind.

 Work Groups

The Work Groups are the key to the successful operation of the aims and objectives of CTSR. It is recognised they will change in number and purpose depending on the work to be undertaken.  Groups can be established by the Co-ordinating Committee to undertake specific tasks and external groups can apply to join CTSR subject to approval of the Co-ordinating Committee.  It is the responsibility of each Work Group to nominate  a person to represent that Work Group on the Co-ordinating Committee and to report on their activities.  The Work Groups and their representation shall be reviewed annually by the Coordinating Committee.

 Annual General Meeting(Open Meeting)

An AGM will be held each year on not less than 21 days’ notice to which all the signatory churches to the Covenant shall be invited. The business of the AGM is to receive reports on the activities of CTSR in the preceding year and plans for the forthcoming year, receive the financial Accounts and elect the officers of the Co-ordinating Committee and the independent examiner.



CTSR can fund-raise and receive donations in furtherance of its Objects.  An annual subscription, due in January each year, in an amount specified from time by the AGM will be requested of individual churches in Southern Ryedale, whose denomination has signed the Covenant, according to their membership.  Money will be held in a bank account in the name of Churches Together in Southern Ryedale.  There will be two signatories to the account selected from the Officers.  The independently examined accounts will be presented at the AGM.  The independent examiner shall be appointed at the AGM. 

 Power of amendment

The Constitution may be amended by a two thirds majority of those attending the AGM (provided that notice of such proposed amendment is contained in the notice of meeting), or an EGM specifically called on not less than 21 days’ notice for the purpose.


If, in the view of the Co-ordinating Committee CTSR can no longer carry out its objects and ought to be dissolved a meeting of all the signatory churches to the Covenant shall be called, on not less than 21 days notice.  If the proposal for dissolution is passed by a two thirds majority of those present at such meeting any assets remaining shall be distributed pro rata to the churches that paid subscriptions to CTSR in the final accounting period prior to dissolution.