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Churches Together in Southern Ryedale

How it works.

Life is always a matter of evolution and change and clearly ecumenism involves an ongoing process of change and development, so in 2017, Church Leaders in Southern Ryedale committed themselves to finding a way to both preserve CTSR and, at the same time, work together more effectively. After a number of meetings they agreed  a proposal changing the structure but not the style of CTSR, a process which proved to be affirming in strengthening our ecumenical purpose and our desire to work together whenever possible.

As a result the 2017 AGM of CTSR passed a resolution to alter the way that CTSR is organised.


Each church will take it in turns to be the ‘lead church’ for 6 months. This church will be the first point of contact for CTSR and provide a means of communication to members. They will be responsible for calling and running four CTSR meetings a year. These meetings are not exclusive to ministers but will be attended by church leaders and others (e.g. current lay reps for CTSR). The November meeting will be used to set the calendar of shared events for the following year and decide who will be responsible for each.

A webmaster and a treasurer will be appointed to hold the post for a three-year term

The Lead Church is currently:  

St Peter’s Norton (until September 2018)

From September 2018 the lead church will be Salvation Army.

 CTSR Officers

                         Treasurer: Nicky Brewster  

                         Webmaster: Catherine Stallybrass

Events  2018








Lent Lunches

Bebbie Bennett

Palm Sunday devotions.

St. Leonard’s

Good Friday

St Peter's, Norton /Elim Ryedale

Advent Sunday  

St. Michael’s/St. Mary’s Priory

Christmas Eve carols

St. Michael’s

Other Responsibilities

"Thought for the Week"

Carolyn Rorke

Handymag (2017)

 Fr. Tim

"Open the Book"

Linda Stannard



Auction Mart Chaplaincy

Simon Wright (Yorkshire Churches Rural Business Support)

Chaplaincy to the Racing Industry

Revd Rachel Benson