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Churches Together in Southern Ryedale

Resolution passed by the Annual General Meeting  of Churches Together in Southern Ryedale  on 31st January 2017

Resolution: That CTSR as it is will be amended and replaced with a simpler statement of purpose and structure as follows:

Title: Churches Together in Southern Ryedale

Statement of purpose (constitution): Churches Together in Southern Ryedale (CTSR) exists to celebrate shared faith and to collaborate in sharing the love of God in Christ across our area.


Members include all denominations who are signatories to the Covenant.

We recognise that individual churches may wish to opt in or out of certain aspects of CTSR.

Leadership: each church will take it in turns to be the ‘lead church’ for 6 months.


   to call meetings 4 x year (minutes taken by person chosen by lead church e.g. their own church administrator)

   be the first point of contact for CTSR

   be the means of communication to members

   to hold a dedicated CTSR phone and continue to use CTSR email address.

   May also appoint a deputy (e.g. lay person)

Meetings: to be attended by church leaders and others (e.g. current lay reps for CTSR) Not exclusive to ministers. 2 meetings will be daytime and 2 evening.

November meeting will be used to set the calendar of shared events for the following year and decide who will be responsible for each.

Others working in the area in specific roles can be invited to attend meetings as they wish e.g Auction Mart chaplain

Webmaster: To be a 3 yearly appointment.

Treasurer: To be a 3 yearly appointment.


1. To produce an annual set of accounts

2. To make payments in and out of the accounts as required (main account and separate Racing Chaplaincy account)

3. To attend meetings if requested

4. To send out letters each year requesting funds for Open the Book

5. To administer the quarterly payments to Linda Stannard for Open the Book (by SO)

6. Be a signatory for cheques

Commencement of new arrangement:

To come into effect on 1st February 2017

Each church to prepare for the relaunch of CTSR with special services, intercessions, and newsletter items during the Octave of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2017.

A service on Sunday 26th February 2017 to enable a re-signing of the Covenant and a celebration of the new CTSR.

Lead church:

February 2017 – August 2017    St. Leonard’s     

August 2017 – February 2018    Methodist/Baptist

February 2018 – August 2018   St. Peter’s

August 2018 onwards tbc

Next leaders meeting 7th March 2pm

Events agreed for 2017:

- Lent Courses   Discontinued. Each Church to make their own arrangements (and invite others).

- Palm Sunday devotions.     St. Leonard’s

- Lent Lunches.                     Jean & Adrian

- Good Friday                        Methodist/Baptist/Elim?

- Advent Sunday (2017)       St. Michael’s/St. Mary’s Priory

- Handymag (2017)            Tim

- Christmas Eve carols        St. Michael’s

Other Responsibilities   

- Open the Book                  Lynda Stannard

- Foodbank                           Lesley Hurley

- Auction Mart Chaplaincy    Simon Wright (Yorkshire Churches Rural Business Support)

- Racing Chaplaincy            Rachel Benson